Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Fistfull of Flowers

My "Snow in Summer" is in full bloom right now.

I am admiring and exclaiming and oohing and aahing over them as I am taking pictures.

Just like I always do when another flower blooms in my garden. I guess Jayden was noticing this because not long after he came in with these.

I asked him where he had picked them and he told me of a place along the driveway that was not part of my garden. Good... I thanked him, put them in this vase and took another picture.

Then Marcus came in with a bunch of weeds. I tucked them in with the flowers and taking this picture I exclaimed how beautiful it was and "Thank you for bringing me flowers, boys, they make me so happy!"
Then not much more than a few minutes later, Jayden came in with a huge grin and a fist full of these beauties! GULP! Those were from my garden and had just bloomed a couple of days before! I was NOT too impressed! Weeds and flowers from along my driveway are one thing... THIS was quite another. I have SO FEW of these daisies to begin with and after heaving a huge sigh, in which he looked at me sort of confused, I managed to smile and thank him while reminding him that I would rather he not pick the flowers from "mommy's garden".
I am ever thankful that I purchased this beautiful vase at the thrift store. It gives the flowers such a pretty place to show off! Much better than just a plain glass vase, I think.

Also thankful that I saved myself from getting angry with Jayden about the daisies. He really just wanted to please me because I said "flowers make me happy". I love him so much... he has such a sweet character.

I must admit I have failed in the past... but I am getting better... truly a work in progress every day.

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