Saturday, June 7, 2008

"O Give Thanks...

...unto the Lord, for he is good..." Psalm 107:1

In my garden today:

21. Purple Alium? in spherical splendor.

22. "Jacob's Ladder" blooming in the rain.
In my home today:

23. Brothers playing together....
24. A dining room table...

25. and yummy goodness to set upon it (chicken fettuccine)...

26. surrounded by five chairs which seat us family as we dine together.

27. Carpenter husband home safely from an "out-of-town" job.

28. Allan's baby words when he sees the pretty necklace I'm wearing. "I smell it?" (I guess if it looks that good it should smell that good, too, right?)

29. This quiet, cold, rainy June day as a family...

30. and a warm home to enjoy each others company. (I actually had to have the fireplace going today... SO cozy and content am I).

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  1. Oooo you make me so look forward to having my own family and home to love and care for!!! tired now, been sewing all day... fun!!


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