Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 3 Blessings

Thankful for:

1. their great imagination that kept all three boys busy on the dirt pile for hours this morning so that I could get the dirt swept and washed from my floors and the dirt washed from the pile of laundry.

~Busy little worker man. ~

~ I love how Allan talks when he's busy doing "man" things...real low... just like his daddy.~

2. This yummy recipe for homemade granola that I found here.

I did these jars up this morning and it was so easy. You should try the recipe! I love the sweet/salty taste of it. So delicious over yogurt or ice cream... believe me I tried it both ways already! Really! :) Yogurt for snack and ice cream for lunch. Just so you know, I don't normally eat like this but I couldn't resist just this once. ;)

(Let me now what you think if you do try it, OK?)

3. The chance to scrapbook (and visit) all afternoon with my dear friend while the children played quietly.

Haven't done a day like this in a while's been so refreshing.

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