Monday, November 24, 2008

The Way it Is.

I have been wanting to write out something along these lines for quite some time now and just never seemed to be able to put the words together in my head until I came across this quote at the bottom of Prairie Chick's blog, the Prairie Prologue, and when I read it I thought, "that is pretty much exactly what I want to say!" So instead of racking my brain trying to come up with my own thing I am just going to copy... with proper quoting, of course! So here it is:

"Well, first I must just say – because the thought of another Mama out there feeling somehow inadequate just about breaks my heart – that I most certainly do not ‘do it all’. Sometimes the nature of blogs – and particularly the way that I keep mine focused for the most part on the joy - can create a bit of a false illusion. So I hope no one ever forgets that what you might see on a blog is just one paragraph of someone’s day, or what they’ve chosen to focus on from their day."

Amanda Soule from SouleMama

As an example, here is just one short half hour or so from my Friday last week. Not to say that the rest of the day was bad... it was just a regular day. I helped clean my sister's house in the morning, did some babysitting in the afternoon, threw in a bit of schoolwork for Jayden, etc., etc. You know how it goes! : )

Now, the following pictures (by themselves) may seem like I am the type of mom who bakes with my children all the time and lavishes them with yummy goodies fresh from the oven on a daily basis. The reason why I took these pictures for my blog was to remind myself in the future that I did occasionally do this kind of thing. Seriously, it's such a big deal for me to make dough and roll it out that I wanted to capture the moment in case it never happens again. Of course it will, one just can never say when. ; )

Here's how it really went:

Jayden asks me to roll out the dough for some tea biscuits I have decided to make because I am craving something sweet and I can't find anything in the house that falls into that category, not even chocolate chips! ; )

Now, I haven't baked in ages because I am finding it to be a lot easier to buy the 50% off baked goods at the grocery store when I can get there early enough in the mornings. I would love to be like "the mom who bakes bread, etc. everyday", for my kid's sake, 'cause I think it makes for some good memories, but I'm just not. I don't really like the mess and I didn't even really want Jayden to help me, but I did, and I'm happy about that.

Here is the dough sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut. If I had taken a wider shot of this picture you would have seen three pairs of little hands trying to grab a taste. Even wider? Three children. Two up on stools leaning over the counter and one ON the counter! Gasp! I know! Not very sanitary, eh? But I'm sure your kids have done it too! ; )

And here they are fresh from the oven! "Rich Tea Biscuits" from Company's Coming Cookbook, "Muffins and more". You can imagine what I was hearing while taking this picture. "Mom, can I have some? Mom, mom! Can I try some, mom?!" and so on... "Yes, but hold on! Just let me get a picture! It's not everyday that I bake, you know."

You think they're tired of me and my camera yet? I wonder what sort of memory that will make for them. I can just hear them in the future saying, "Mom was always taking pictures of the oddest things!" Hmmm...

So there you have it. My life isn't all roses but it's beautiful in it's own way and I especially wouldn't give up having messy, loud (but joyful) children for the world!


  1. yeah... that quote is what I consider a "Blog Reading Essential" it just says it so perfectly! Now if only there was a quote for those whose blogs consist of mostly rants and "not" so happy moments.... *grin*

  2. It so awesome that other blogger moms are realising that the "ugly truth" needs to be presented (maybe not as often) too, because there is already so much mommy-guilt out there for not being as perfect as so-and-so. Who wants to add to that?

  3. Oh, I love this!!! My kids will be saying the same thing. It's so true that blogs can sometimes be a bit of a false illusion. I love the honesty and realness that you and Soulemama share.

  4. this is great! and I had read that quote from SouleMama too, which pretty much says it all. I think blogging is like scrapbooking--you put in the best pictures and memories, occassionly the not so good ones too, but albums are a happy place. It's okay to do just that to remind yourself of the good in life.
    awesome post!

  5. Wow. I just loved this post! Very well said. I really enjoy reading your blog and Prairie Chick's too. I have been wanting to blog something along the line of my faith and do on a closed blog I share with my sisters and a few friends. I have been wondering how I really portrait myself. Do I seem like the perfect mom wanna be? LOL I am still new to blogging, but recently wonder about balance, balance, balance... am I representing a good balance?
    Also, I've said so little about my faith, only because I do not want to misrepresent the greatness of God. I've sat down several times to post but then cannot get the words out well enough to hit the publish button.
    Thanks for this post... I either missed it earlier or starting following your blog after you posted it... Anyway, I think this will help me in my posting :)


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