Friday, February 12, 2010

And I am in Love.

My heart is full, overflowing,
basking in moments,
tender pockets of time,
strung together throughout
the quiet, simple days of my life.

When three small boys
snuggle in close
cheeks resting on shoulders
of one next to them.
Anticipating, imagination kindled with
words I read
from classic books.
Entreating voices,
"Just one more chapter!"

When I snuggle in close
and my cheek rests
on muscled shoulder
after long day apart
And when his fingers
gentle, but strong,
travel up and down my back
during slow hug hello

I close my eyes, smile,
breath deep heart swells
And I am in love
with this life, these children,
this husband, His Grace

Just thinking about Valentine's Day and all the thoughts of love it brings with it and how I am so blessed to be able to celebrate life and love with those special lives in my home. Those ones I hold close to me each day of the year. May I never forget or take for granted the beauty and treasure of what I have.
May your February 14th be filled to overflowing with love that continues all year. Enjoy your Valentines!
Instructions for the Valentine Heart Garland


  1. How did you do your hearts? I really want to know! I can't wait until my son will sit so close to me and let me read to him. He can do a little "board" we are on our way for a good reader in my hands.

  2. I've added the link to the bottom of my post for instructions on how to make the Valentine Heart Garland.

  3. Oh, you echo my heart... there are still hard days but it only seems that those hard days just pull me back to that basic fact that I am in love with these

    Blessings, my friend.

  4. Oh how sweet! I pray you had a blessed Valentine's Day my friend!


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