Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new hobby.

I curl up on couch, throw the blanket over my legs, stretch my toes toward warmth of glowing fire, and I knit.

This has provided so many relaxing moments for me this week and I hope for many more as I experiment with this new hobby of mine.

It took me just 2 days to finish this little hat that I made for my 4 year old Allan. I love it on him.

How do I manage to find the time? I knit mostly when the boys are doing their book work during their homeschooling in the mornings. They need someone to sit with them to keep them from losing focus and fooling around too much but they don't necessarily need me to watch them constantly so, as I'm giving out spelling words to Jayden, or listening to either of them read aloud, I knit. And I knit in the evening after the boys are in bed and it's just Husband and I in the quiet. Him usually reading or us just talking. I just love the calm, home feelings it gives.

I am so excited to make more. Next on the list is a hat for a dear friend of mine who, when she saw this one, asked for one too.


Oh! And I just wanted to mention what I found on the 'net the other day as I was perusing photography blogs. Check this out... I absolutely adore this sweet cream colored newborn hat with the flowers! (just scroll down a bit on her blog and you'll see it.) So precious!!! I wonder. Is it crocheted or knitted? I think it must be crocheted. Which is fine... I really wanna make this so I'll learn that next.


  1. Very cute hat...I think the cream colored hat is knitted but with a different type of fiber (yarn) to knit with. In your "spare" time you should check out Ravelry (they have lots patterns on there they might have something similar to that hat) Some of the patterns are free and some cost money, you'll need to set up a username and such. But I use it a lot! Thought I would pass that on!

  2. You are so right, the cream hat is gorgeous.

  3. Katrina - I didn't know you were blogging again!! I am so happy! I will sit down this evening while we watch the Olympics and get caught up. A new baby?! Oh I have so much to catch up on. I'm so glad you commented so I could reconnect. I thought it was only the photography blog you were doing.
    Okay - see you later - after church.
    Oh - I love,love,love to knit too. It's why so many of my other projects remain unfinished. I just get a yearning for the peace and comfort of knitting and go out and get a pattern and wool and start something new.
    You are doing an excellent job!

  4. I am so THRILLED to have stumbled upon your blog this morning!! I have been blessed by reading your words!

  5. Knitting always seemed so hard to me. I can crochet.. one little basic pattern :-)
    Isn't it neat how certain things do create a "home" feeling. My husband loves it when I'm reading, for him, it's homey.
    Your photos are wonderful!

  6. Oh my, that little newborn hat is precious! Your green hat is pretty cute as well. :) I am learning to knit and have made scarfs, dish clothes and the likes... I love your idea of doing it while the kids are doing their school, that had never crossed my mind.

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