Monday, March 8, 2010

Soak up the Sun

From Friday's photo's at the Park with Friends

So thankful for the amazing Spring weather we've been having here the last few days.
Soaking in the warm sunshine at the park on Friday, and again with just us, Dear Husband, the 3 boys and I, at a different park in the coulee's on Saturday, and a long 6km walk with another dear friend on Sunday.

And today?

Well, though I'm not outside, I did whisk up the blinds of our bedroom at 7:30 this morning and let the sun pore in as I organized ALL mine and my hubby's clothes. His were easy. Mine, well, lets just say it took me about 2 hours to go through it all and decide what to put away until after the baby, what to get rid of and what to keep for my pregnancy. I was amazed at the large box of clothes that I had to bring down stairs after I was all done! It feels SO good though! Then I went through the rest of the room dusting and tidying the drawers in the night stands and then washed the hardwood floor. So that room is done for spring cleaning! Except for the windows, I'll do in and out at the same time....when I'm ready.

Then! I was so ambitious that I cleaned and organized my linen closet (which had become much more than just a linen closet). And cleaned both bathrooms from top to bottom!
I'm almost done all my laundry which I've been working on amongst my other things all day. And I actually got to hang out some of my clothes outside today! Just over the patio railing, though... must remember to ask hubby to put up a new clothes line.

And what were the boys doing all this time? Playing outside for most of the morning, followed by a quick hour before lunch of some Phonics and Math and then out the door again. They just came in about 45 minutes ago and after tidying up the living room for me, they're now watching their movie for the day.

All in all a very grand day so far, all I gotta do yet is make a yummy dinner after I fold the last few loads of laundry and then I'll rest.

I love days like this. It's just been so long since I've actually been eager to clean.


  1. Glad you had such a nice day! I did too... woke up to amazing weather, and my wash line was soon full, I finally got around to washing my sheets today :) AND I made such good bread, by hand! Isn't it fun to have ambition! ;) love you!

  2. OohI love days like this too!

  3. That makes three of us. I too, enjoyed a day of cleaning. I wonder if Rebecca would say the same. To bad we ( Bec and I ) don't have our own blogs. eh?

  4. Oh, it sounds like a lovely day, Katrina. Hope your week has been just as beautiful. :)

  5. I've been feeling that eagerness too! Must be a "spring" thing!


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