Friday, May 14, 2010

Hands Full of Sunshine

Gifts from a Small Boy

His small hands overflowing
with sunshine-tinted bloom,
He quietly, half-shyly,
tiptoed into the room;
"These posies are for you, " he said,
then hurrying through the door,
Left me with more than flowering wreath,
so much - O, so much - more!
Katherine Edelman

I've loved this simple poem, found in a little book of poetry that belongs to my mother, for as long as I can remember.

Long before I ever had small boys of my own I was enchanted by this verse.

Maybe it's because I was meant to be the mother of these treasures who think of me when flowers
bloom and bring me these offerings of heavenly scent and color.

Yes, always plucked too short for a normal size vase but perfect for the one I've kept just for this purpose
and which now resides on my dresser in my bedroom.

Photos: Grape Hyacinths plucked by son, Marcus, from amongst my tulips in the backyard garden.


  1. beautiful!!! the photos and the poem...

  2. How sweet, I think I better get one of those tiny vases one of these days! :)

  3. and what a cutie you have to fill in the lines of this poem :)

  4. What a sweetheart he is. Boys can be so ruff and tumble but then they have such tender moments also.

  5. I wonder why my origianl comment did not show... Oh well, What I wanted to say was, I love those eyes! You need to do this one black and white and keep the flowers and eyes blue.

  6. I love these photos!! Hands especially those of our children or so precious :0)

    Hope you are doing well! God bless you with peach, joy and happiness this Summer!


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