Monday, June 28, 2010

What's Better than a Stack of Freshly Laundered Newborn Clothing?

...Having a baby to make use of them, right?

I am almost 30 weeks along and so, so excited.

I adore dressing my babies in pastels and whites, don't you?

... so precious!

Thank you to my dear friend who so generously gifted me with some of these
and many more...

I am thrilled!


  1. Katrina...I love looking at newborn clothes. They are so tiny, clean & crisp compared to the other clothes that we have in the house. Can't wait to see the new bundle of joy in your house. :)

  2. How precious! I'm excited with you!! Blessings dear friend.

  3. That's a great picture, maybe you can take one for me of things all in pink.

  4. I can remember way back 41 years ago, getting ready for my first baby and just cherishing all those tiny garments.
    Take care Katrina. I am so glad you're doing well.

  5. I love having Jem is light colors, I am glad so far to have only recieved one dark colored outfit for him. Babys need to be in soft colors i think... it keeps them looking babyish :) I don't want him to grow up to fast! He is 9 lbs 15oz already :) Can't wait to meet your little one !!!

  6. oooooh you're getting close indeed!! My goodness that's gone SO quick :) Hope all is going well
    Much love to you xx


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