Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beauty in my Backyard

Some shots from my Garden today.
The weather is finally starting to warm up... Yeah!
Collecting sweetness from heavenly smelling grape hyacinth.
It took me a bit to get this shot but well worth it.

The "Spring Rain Collection" from the Breck's Bulbs Catolog. This is their third year and the cold weather has not been good to them. They were way more tall and beautiful last year.
The red in this beauty is real... it almost looks like a painters "oops", doesn't it?

Absolute perfection. though.

Nature unfurles itself in the spring sunshine.

Who can say "there is no God."? The beauty of nature speaks of Him continually!

Tulips are my very favorite flower in my garden. I want to say of all but I have not beheld every flower on earth and probably never will. So for now it is the simply, beautiful tulip.


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  1. I love your photos! They are so beautiful, I can hardly belive the color you already have in your garden, everything here is still brown and gray... :)


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