Monday, May 12, 2008

Laundry Day

Couldn't resist taking a picture of my "whites" blowing in the fresh spring breeze early this morning. Hanging it out... taking it in... folding it, and putting it away (all crisp and outdoor smelling) is one of my favorite home keeping delights.

I was feeling so good this morning about my beautiful laundry on the line that I decided to clean my laundry room from top to bottom as well. I love my laundry room. Carpenter Husband did such a good job on it. It is SO important to me to have a beautiful laundry room because I enjoy doing laundry so much.

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  1. We are up in the mountains for a couple of days, it's quite time and so I have some free time to spend on the internet. :) I found myself going through some of your archives...

    I LOVE this post!!!!!!! I like to have a clean laundry room but you've inspired me to get home and make it beautiful.


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