Thursday, May 1, 2008


Took the boys down to the pond across the road this afternoon.
How I wish I had my camera!!! It broke and I feel lost without it. There were so many great opportunities for some awesome shots.
The boys had so much fun watching the Canada Geese. We saw a male and female with 13 goslings!!! Wow... it was so beautiful to behold nature like that.
We found a nest made up of dead grass and the remains of a goose egg. ...Did I mention that I wish I had had my camera?!
My biggest regret was that I did not go to the pond with the boys sooner this year in order to see the geese sitting on the eggs. Last year we went in March/April and we managed to get quite close to a female sitting on her eggs before the male "hissed" us away.
The picture I have posted is from that time.
Who needs a science class when you can have moments like this? The perfect way to homeschool...don't you think?


After I got my camera we went back to see the family again and this is one of the shots I took... there were 20 goslings in this group! 3 adults, though, so it must have been two families together.
Pretty cool, eh?

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