Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fun hobbies and a scary mask

I spent a good part of my time going through my pictures on my computer yesterday. Figuring out which ones to print and getting them on a CD so I can bring them in.

I am feeling the urge to start scrapbooking again... slowly making my way from outdoors to in. But not quite because there are beautiful sunny days out there yet. I am excited to get my pic's all in order and into scrap books, though.

And yesterday evening I actually took out my cross stitching to work on! Something I haven't done all summer. I am working on a large quilt and hopefully will post pictures of it soon... I am almost done.

I may even post pictures of my scrapbooking when I get some pages completed.

Well, that's it for now. I guess I should get back to my kiddo's and my kitchen.

I plan to bake some "Pumpkin" goodies today and have a picnic in the park ... a good day for soaking up the sunshine.

Have a blessed day!

The boys are into crafts,too, lately... lots of snippets of paper, tape, scissors and pencils crayons are strewn about the house.

Good times... ;)

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