Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Gayety of Spirit"

“Seeing our Father in everything
makes life
one long thanksgiving
and gives a rest of heart,
more than that,
a gayety of spirit, that is unspeakable.”
~ Hannah Whitall Smith

A walk to "the pond" for a picnic in the crisp cool air.

Jayden exclaiming over the table we found hidden in the trees where we decided to have our lunch, "This is so cool!"

Me enjoying the excitement on their faces as they run around looking for nature things to put in the paper bags that held their sandwiches.

A gentle reminder from this book to get out into nature more often.

Picture taken of my boys in 2007 at "the pond".


  1. I love this quote by Hannah Whital Smith. Thanks for sharing it! It is so true.

  2. O katrina! I am just bursting with ethusiasim for life!!!! And that is good, if you have read my lates blog its what i need. So first... start my own blog... :)


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