Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our New Car...

Our new '08 Mazda 5!

My DH came home with this for me last Friday. The interesting thing to me is that the 4 yr. lease on our van ran out on the exact day of Allan's 3rd birthday. Who knew that exactly 1 year, to the day, after we bought our van that we would have another child! I think that's pretty neat.

Anyway, so when we told Allan that we would be getting a new car on his birthday, he assumed it was for him and said to me, with wide eyes,
"Yuh, and you gon' to sit in duh back and I'n gon' to drive to town!"
We all laughed so hard but I guess he was serious 'cause he still calls it his "birthday car"! *smile*
What do you think? The cars pretty cute, eh? Not much room, though.
I went for groceries yesterday and didn't even buy that much but I still had to put down a seat in order to get it all in!
Oh well, we'll make it work... I hope!

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