Monday, October 20, 2008

Row of Bouquets

These are making me HAPPY this morning. Who knew that a row of three mason jars filled with flowers could bring me so much pleasure to look upon?
They are just so bright and cheerful as they sit on my counter top... inspiring me to keep it clean and tidy. Remember the bouquet that my dear man gave to me about a week and a half ago? Well it was looking a little sad and so this is what I did with it.
And I am sure they are smiling at me now, just as much as I am smiling at them!
I'm not crazy or anything... Really. :D

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  1. o katrina, you make me smile. I know how something pretty on a counter always makes you want to keep it tidy! Especally flowers...unfortuatally joshua hasn't taken any of my hints about flowers yet... oh well! :)


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