Monday, November 3, 2008

Getting Outside

"It seems to me that we all

look at Nature too much,

and live with her too little."

~Oscar Wilde

So... Inspired by the chapter "kids... beyond the backyard" in this book, we set out as a family yesterday afternoon to the lake for a stroll through "the wild".

The weather was beautiful for this time of year (19 c) and I was all excited, thinking that even though it may get a little chilly towards evening I would just bundle the children real well with warm coats and even brought along mittens just in case!
Low and behold, when we got to the lake, I proceeded to get out the coats and found that I had forgotten Allan's coat in the stack I had taken!
Well, we decided we'd just have to make do and so Marcus' coat went on Allan, Jayden's coat went on Marcus, Daddy's coat went on Jayden and Daddy?... well, Daddy just had to freeze, that was all there was to it. First we took a trail along the side of the lake.

When I wasn't carrying Allan...We were doing this.

We we got back from our walk we made a fire and roasted wieners. Then a rousing game of tag with all five of us, a big pile of leaves for jumping in and burying each other and a ramble through the trees in the twilight looking for sticks to put on the fire.

We drove home through the dark with the boys falling asleep in the back seat...

So thankful to have made these beautiful memories of crisp Autumn moments.

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  1. So pretty! I love the pictures. Especially the one of holding hands :)


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