Friday, November 14, 2008

Full Moon

How like a queen comes forth
the lonely Moon
From the slow opening curtains
of the clouds
Walking in beauty to her
midnight throne!

~George Croly, Diana

Full moom last night. Did you all enjoy it as well?


  1. That is soooo beautiful ! I love the qoute. and yes I did enjoy the full moon last night. It was totally like the qoute explains. Sooo amazing :)

  2. I see you added the moon cycle thingie. You were second-guessing yourself about the moon when we went out, but I still thing it was as full as a moon can get.

  3. ooooh, that quote is so wonderful! Last time we had a full moon here, I took pics too and wrote some prose to go with it that almost parallels Croly's thoughts (I'd never heard of it!), come back for another visit and check it out! It's here;


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