Thursday, November 13, 2008

"I Want the Snowman One!"

I have three bowls in my kitchen that DRIVE ME CRAZY...
Well, I guess it's not actually the bowls that put me over the edge
but the way the boys are about them.
On the mornings (which is almost every morning)
that I open the cupboard to get bowls for the oatmeal
and realize that these three are the only clean ones I cringe.
I know that as soon as the boys come into the kitchen
I will here things like:
"I want the snowman one!"
"I don't want the angel one!"
"Quick, get the bear one!"
"Ha ha, Allan has to have the angel one!"
Or visaversa and so on...
"Argh! Don't worry about it!", I say. But it never
seems to help. Why does it have to be such an issue!!??
I never know which one to give to which kid because
I know that whatever I do someones not gonna be happy.
Am I giving my kids a complex by giving them the angel one?
When I do, I here things like:
"I always have to have the angel one!"
"I hate the angel one!"
Do they think I love them less for giving them the angel one?
(I do try to make it even.)
They think it's for girls even though I've tried to tell them that
the only angels I've ever heard of where boys...
believe me, I've tried everything. ;)
EXCEPT: Throwing them out and getting some
simple thrifted plain ones!
Yeah! Maybe that's what I should do!
Now I just gotta remember next time I'm in town....
I bought those bowls before I ever had children...
if only I had known!
I've definitely learned my lesson...
never again will I buy cute bowls with pictures on the side!

P.S. I know this is all pretty trivial but I wanted to blog about it just for fun. ;)


  1. In our house I have plain bowls with just a thin stripe of colour around the top...wouldn't you know they all fight to get the one with the yellow stripe! It never ends!

  2. :) better go to the thrift shop and find WHITE bowls with NOTHING diffrent on any!

  3. Thanks for stopping by.....Lord willing they'll be other birthdays!

  4. Hi Katrina, thanks for stopping by. I loved this post. It is the same way with my three boys...They always want the same thing....(oh and never the girly plate!)..."I want like Kyle, I want like Shane.....". Finally, I said, "If I hear that again, 'I want like...', I'm going to share everything equally...if Kyle gets in time out, you all get time out! How is that for "I want like..."! UGH! It drives me nuts too...but isn't that what makes for memories and great blog material! It was great to "meet" you Katrina!


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