Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's just how I FEEL!

My dear sister, Tracy, gave me a "peep behind the scene" as to
all the emotions she felt yesterday and asked if
anyone wanted to join in.

So here is my list of all the feelings I felt today (highlighted in bold).

abandoned adequate admired afraid
amazed amused angry annoyed
anxious apathetic appreciated apprehensive
ashamed awkward bashful betrayed
bitter blessed bored cared for
certain competent concerned conflicted
confused contemptuous content courageous
critical daring defensive degraded
dejected delighted demeaned desperate
detached disappointed discouraged disgraced
disgusted doubtful driven ecstatic
edgy embarrassed empty enthusiastic
envious excited excluded fearful
fed up fortunate fragile frantic
free frustrated gloomy grateful
guilty happy helpless hopeful
hopeless horrified hostile humiliated
hurt ignored impassioned impatient
inadequate included incompetent indifferent
indignant inferior invalidated invisible
irritated jealous joyful lethargic
lonely loved mad manipulated
misunderstood mixed up neglected nervous
oppressed overburdened patient panicky
passionate popular powerless proud
rebellious regretful rejected relaxed
relieved remorseful resentful respected
sad serene shocked shy
strong supported sure suspicious
tender tense terrified threatened
trapped unappreciated uncertain understood
undervalued unhappy unloved unpopular
unsure upset used validated
valued vengeful vulnerable weak
worried worthless worthy

Wow... I had more than I thought. Can all these things go together in one day?

I tried my best to be completely honest... so, I guess so.

I think a big thing about today was that I had a real open and deep heart to heart talk with a really good friend of mine. I love these conversations because they make me feel all these things, both the good and bad.

How 'bout you?


  1. Katrina, so glad you did it. Wasn't it a huge eye-opener. I want you to do it again on a normal day because you will see that you have just as many emotions coming up then as you do on a day with your friend.

    I know, they seem contradictory. But isn't God amazing to have created all those different feelings? Aren't you every so glad He has?

  2. Hi Katrina,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've poked (dial up) around your blog a bit today. It is lovely! Interesting, inspiring, fun, and beautiful! I will be sure to stop by again soon.

    Your feelings post looks like something I should try very soon too. It was an interesting read.

  3. It's really amazing that we can feel so many different emotions in one day. I really can relate to your list. I may have to try making one.


I appreciate your thoughts and read each and every one... thank you!