Monday, December 1, 2008

Decorated for Christmas

I decorated for Christmas on Friday morning. Ultimately I wouldn't decorate until after Jayden's birthday which is December 9 but our town has their "Parade of Lights" on the last Friday in November every year. So I put up the tree and decorate and the children get ridiculously excited and we walk down to main street to watch the parade and then gather in our home with friends afterwards for hot chocolate, goodies and games. I must admit it makes me excited, too. It's like a big kick-off to the Christmas season.

The only problem is that we missed it this year because my husband and I had to go to his work Christmas party. I was very disappointed about that but we borrowed out our home to friends of ours and they took the kids and then hung out at our place until we got home. At least the children got to enjoy it!

Here is a picture of a craft that DH did with the boys yesterday. The body of the bird is an old light bulb covered with rice and then spray painted... pretty cool, eh? The boys are thrilled with them and want to play with them but I think they are so nice that I want them as decoration! : )

I bought this angel last year for our Christmas tree and found out
when I got home that it was way to big! So now it sits on our
mantle and I like it there a lot.

Our 119 yr. old piano.

The "Amazing Grace" cross stitch is something I completed back
in high school for a convention in Portland, Oregon
and won 3rd place. (yeah, me!)
I recently got it re-framed and am so happy with it!

And here is the tree, sans decor. I just wanted to keep it simple this year and personally I like it better this way.


  1. Your home looks so lovely! Thank you for sharing. I especially love the picture of the old's beautiful.

  2. so warm and lovely...your piano and the cross-stitch are gorgeous!

  3. Your decorations are beautiful and I especially love seeing your cross stitch. What a treasure! So glad you had it framed so it can be treasured by many for years to come.

  4. beautiful decorations! love the old piano with the greenery on top...looks the green walls around the have a beautiful home!!!

  5. gorgeous! i love the birds! how cool is that!

  6. Gorgeous Katrina! We have a birthday on Dec 12. I keep the kitchen decorations to a minimum, so that the poor thing doesn't feel like all her pictures are always done with a Christmas theme :-).

  7. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I love the opportunity the internet brings to "meet" other believers around the world :).

    Oh, and your Christmas decorations are lovely.

  8. Beautiful decorating and I just love that piano! and I really think we're going to have to try that light bulb craft. :o)

    BTW, I didn't read your post on blogging, but will look around for it!

  9. Thanks for the visit we had this morning. It was lovely to actually experience first hand the feel of your beautiful just don't do it justice.

  10. That piano is something else! And your cross-stitch will be a family heirloom, too, for years to come, I'm sure. Your home looks lovely and festive.


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