Saturday, November 29, 2008

On a Quiet Evening Walk

No, this is not me though I wish it was... the streets where I live are not as beautifully treed. I really like this image, though, because this is what I do on winter evenings... I go out by myself for a walk in the cold.

Pondering His Goodness while out this evening and Thanking Him:

65. For the awesome expanse of starry skies above.

66. For the clearness of the Big Dipper.

67. For icy cheeks.

68. For the feel of fresh cold air in my lungs.

69. For the ability to take deep breaths.

70. For health that allows my to be out walking on nights like this.

71. For the bright colored Christmas lights that light up the neighborhood.

72. For the glow through the windows of trees lit within.

73. For people who leave the blinds open while they gather
around the table to eat so that I, who am walking by, can see
the beauty and loveliness of "family".

74. For the warm coat that my dear man bought me last winter which withstands temperatures of 40 below quite tolerably well.

75. For the delight that my children show me when I come back
into the house after only twenty minutes of being gone.
"Mommy, you're home! I missed you, Mom!"

76. For the warmth pouring from our fireplace that warms me when I come in.

77. And for the warmth of loved ones surrounding me.

78. For my DH who so generously tucks the boys into bed each evening.

79. And that he takes the time to pray with them and talk with them before turning out the light.

80. For a nice slow Saturday of being home... together as a family.



  1. Aw I love families! Your family reminds of another close friend of mine whom you should know-- Angie (at sonflower).

    Love your little boys. They are adorable!



  2. Your evening walks sound lovely! A short amount of solitude can do wonders for a mother's soul.

  3. You completely understand giving thanks. The simple turns into the profound, yes? I love your place here. Thanks for the visit.

  4. beautiful! I esp. loved #73 and 75!

  5. so beautiful! I love your thoughts. We also enjoy "night walks" here. Though, sadly, we very, very rarely see snow:(. (So...I enjoyed seeing it in your picture!)

  6. so beautiful. love the list!

    to answer your question, I had planned to do a post on the homemaking journal & will definitely put up pictures. thanks for the reminder. :o)

  7. I love early morning walks, but it's the same thing, isn't it?

  8. oh, that is just LOVELY. Makes me want to bundle up and go out for a walk right now!

  9. There is nothing like a crisp evening walk in the snow! I love it!!

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