Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy SinterKlaas Day!

It's fphoto friday and Sinter Klaas Day so I decided to
combine both in one post!

Because both mine and my husbands family are dutch we
celebrate St. Nicholas Day (or Sinter Klaas) as we call him.

"The name Santa Claus was derived from the Dutch Sinter Klass
pronunciation of St Nicholas. Early Dutch settlers in New York
(once called New Amsterdam) brought their traditions of
St Nicholas. As children from other countries tried to
pronounce Sinter Klass, this soon became Santa Klass,
which was settled as Santa Claus."
Santa's Net

Although we don't go near as much into depth with the
celebrations as this, (though I really like the idea of the adults
playing tricks on each other with much hilarity!
) we do
put up the stockings over the fireplace this evening and
read the story of St. Nicholas together.

The real fun comes for the boys tomorrow morning when
they will discover the bulging stockings and
we'll be able to open them together and enjoy all the "loot".

I like that we are able to separate the stockings from
Christmas morning and yet the boys still can have the fun of
having stockings to hang and enjoy.

Then on Christmas morning it's not about Santa at all
but only about the Coming of Our Lord Jesus.

For more fphoto friday pics visit Natalie at Married to the Preacher.


  1. yah! I love the picture it is soooo cute! and ya the kids are excited here too about the gifts tomorrow! i love separating it as well b/c the "mess" is done early and leaves Christmas as Jesus' bday! :)
    We're having Sinterklaas show up tonight in traditional garb and pepernoden and buterkoek cake! i'll have to post pictures later.
    Happy Sinterklaas day!

  2. Very interesting! I learned something new today. The pictures are adorable!

  3. what a cute tradition...why do I not remember this?

  4. What a wonderful tradition. I love how you have a SinterKlaas Day that is separate from Christmas Day when you celebrate the birth of Jesus. I also enjoyed reading of the history of Santa Claus.

    Your pictures are perfect!

  5. You have a wonderful post! That is a great tradition. Loved the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed my visit here. Thanks~Cheryl

  6. Well said. Great post and I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing and giving me a little insight on how Sinter Klaas became Santa Claus. Have a great and bless weekend!!

  7. Adorable pictures. I love these. The kiddo's are just too cute. And favorite part to Christmas as a kid...always was the stockings. They were like the icing on the cake and I still remember always being so fond of their small trinkets inside. I try to keep my kids hyped about them too. Happy holidays to you and yours. Thanks for commenting on my photography blog today too. It really means a lot. Keep in touch.
    Blessings, Angie Seaman (Indiana)

  8. What a great tradition! I love the separation that this custom creates. Have a happy, happy SinterKlaas Day!

    Thanks for commenting over at my place. I'm thrilled to find your beautiful blog (oh, the photos!) and it's always a joy to meet another mama of boys.

  9. Katrina, thanks for stopping by my blog - I like yours, too - I'll be back! :)


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