Thursday, December 4, 2008

Strumming my Guitar

I've been doing a lot of practicing on my guitar lately.
Trying to learn a few Christmas carols.
I have never had lessons by a professional and am finding it quite
difficult to remember the different chords, but I so enjoy it...
even if the tips of my fingers are aching! Jayden wanted to take a few pictures and this is what I found when
I checked out the pictures this afternoon!
Is he a natural, or what???
All I had to do was a tiny bit of cropping and color change,
but that's it. He could work on getting better focus
(especially in the top picture)but after all he's only (almost) 7!
I am so impressed with his photography! I may never need
to get professional photos again! : o)


  1. Tell Jayden that he's got to take my picture some day, 'cause I can never get a pleasing one from my own family.(smile)
    You always look so good in pictures, and out thankful. I only look good out of pictures.

  2. Beautiful!!!! I am trying to learn some songs on the piano (hymns) when you come we should have a family singing time... you on the guitar and me on the piano...:)

  3. These pictures are absolutely beautiful and ones to treasure! He is definately very talented. I especially love the last one. Someday when he's grown you'll both look at this sweet picture and smile.

  4. those are beautiful! YOU are beautiful!! how sweet to have such beautiful pictures taken by your son. I have tried to do this a couple of times with my dd's but the outcome has been anything but lovely =)

  5. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Wow...what talent!

    And kudos to you for learning the guitar! I haven't picked mine up for months...ugh...I can already feel the aching fingertips:) Keep practicing, and they'll get firm soon!

  6. Jayden is a natural! Keep encouraging his new skill. What beautiful pictures he has captured of his Mama.

  7. Clever boy. I particularly like the angle in the second one.

  8. Gorgeous! wow, you've got a talent on your hands. of course, he had good material to work with too. *wink*

    i wish I could hear you playing your guitar. I'm jealous!

  9. ...i think that top picture is the most beautiful of the 3...!

    and by the way, have only just 'stumbled' upon your blog. i LOVE discovering new, lovely blogs. i have 3 boys also - aren't boys the absolute best?! simply delicious :)

    i'll be back

    mrs wibbs


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