Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warmth Inside.

The most wasted of all days is
one without laughter.

~e.e. cummings

Yes, it's been another cold day... outside, that is.

I went to my sister's house this morning to help her clean and she unexpectedly invited me out for lunch. We went... just the two of us... her oldest daughters watched the rest of the children (thank you so much sweet Janina and Breanne!!!) and when we got back we sat and chatted and laughed.

Oh, we laughed so much, and it felt so good! I just love a good laugh... one where I can feel completely free to be myself... there's just nothing quite like it. You know what I mean?

Thank you, dear sister, for the warmth of your home and for the warmth you brought to my heart today.

Yes, it was cold outside, but that's okay 'cause inside all was warmth and coziness.


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Photo: Our backyard after a night of snowfall.


  1. Ooo I know!!! I long for sunday when rebecca will be here and we can have some good laughs again!!! It will be so wonderful to have a sister around again!!!!! Ooooo I am getting way to excited...

  2. Aw How nice! I am really happy for you. It's great spending time with loved ones!

  3. So beautiful!! Posts like this make me wish I had a sister:) It's so hard to find those kindred spirits with whom you can just totally be yourself.

    So thankful for your time with your sister today, and so glad you shared it with us!!

  4. *Sigh!* I wish I had a sister. Apparently, you have more than one ;0)!

  5. Yes, Deborah... I have 5 sisters actually! And we have so much fun when we all get together... which is gonna happen this Christmas... hopefully! :oD

  6. Thank you, Katrina for staying a bit longer this afternoon. I also enjoyed the laughter. So glad we can be real with each other. Incredibly so.........Can't wait till next week!!!Yes, I am still planning to go. Brian is YA!!!

  7. Sounds like so much fun! It is warm here in Georgia, in the 70s. But that is unusual for us. We don't get nearly as cold as you, but we are usually not this warm in December.


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