Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Could it be Pent up Feelings?

I sigh.

I sigh when I'm happy, I sigh when I'm sad. Who doesn't, right?

But apparently I sigh when there's no reason in the world that I can think of to sigh. I do it subconsciously and never realized it until my hubby started bringing it to my attention.

"What's wrong?" he'd say.

And I'd look up from whatever I was doing and, surprised, say "Nothing, why do you ask?"

"You sighed" he'd say.

"Really? Oh..." I didn't even know I had done so.

What is it about sighing that makes us do it, even though we don't do it on purpose?

I wonder if it's just our way of letting out pent up feelings... you know, the feelings we aren't letting ourselves feel... the ones that are deep down, the ones that need to escape but we won't let them.

That's probably why I sigh subconsciously. I don't even know I'm doing it because I won't let myself feel what's inside.

No, seriously, there's nothing wrong that I can think of,

but I sigh... do you sigh? ...subconsciously, I mean.


Photo: A silent moment by the wildly rushing river on our 10th Anniversary 2007. When it's nature, somehow even the noise seems like silence because it's just so beautiful.

Maybe it's because I can think my own thoughts and nature doesn't interrupt.


  1. yeah..., alotttttt......!

    dont know but whenever I am not being ma ownslf, and not strugling and working for makin things go my way........! i always do that...!

    maybe you are right,but its not the only one....!
    you get tired of penting up feelings, not being yourself, for not being able to let out the burning in the throat, the pain in the heart...!

    but you get tired of the surroundings, the way things are happening and your inability to change them.......!

  2. I love the pic! It's beautiful!

    I sigh when I am happy and content. I will have to ask hubby if I sigh at other times. I think sometimes I sigh when I am bored. And yes, occasionally that does happen!

  3. I just sighed when I saw that picture - with no snow covering the ground. Is it time for summer yet? *sigh*

  4. love, love, LOOOVE that picture... *sigh... ;)

    I am so like you - I sigh all the time. It's so soothing, and I'm pretty sure it's actually good for you - I guess maybe it's your brain's way of taking in extra O2 when dealing with particular emotions...? I mean it's hard work to feel, right?!

    I am also totally in love with being surrounded with nature's sounds in summer... Oh for a bit of sun right now!!

  5. Yes I sigh. Sometimes on a more prosaic level I think it is physiological. We don't breathe deeply or even often enough when we're tense, or anxious, or tired and sometimes the body just has to take over to get the oxygen levels up.
    Glogg needs an umlaut over the 'o' but I can't find the keystroke for it. It's a Swedish spiced wine, but not as sweet as mulled wine. I'll post a recipe! The sun is out today thank heavens. And the birds have started singing again. Which reminds me, I must refill the feeder.

  6. thanks for the comment on my blog. I've added you to my bloglines.com :) Merry Christmas!

  7. I think I sigh a lot. Sometimes it is simply because I need more air, other times it is out of frustration. I think most of the time it is either of those two things, but I will do it without realising it because I am deep in thought about something and am trying to sort it out in my head.

    Your photo takes me back to summer. It looks so beautiful!

  8. I don't say I sigh a lot but my husband does. I somewhat feel like your husband trying to decipher the sighs and what they mean. Just tell him to hang in there...and always be there just in case those emotions come running out.
    On a side note...I hope that we can win something from that giveaway...it would be so fun! ~~ Katrina

  9. "Don't make that face or it will freeze like that!" This is what every grown up would say. The only truth from it is that many times our bodies will say what we are thinking. I heard a police officer tell of how he will watch for subtle clues of someone they speak to. If they open their mouth they are probably going to bolt. If the are perspiring for no reason they are probably hiding something or worried.... He mention alot of things like that.

    Makes me think of how many times we remark on an expression or sigh or posture from someone and then try to think of what they were thinking. I think it's great that your husband told you, then at least he isn't assuming what you are thinking.

  10. I agree with some of the comments above...a sigh could have a lot of reasons. But I still hold to the opinion that the sigh that you were talkiking about is your body just trying to cope with those deeply supressed feelings. We hold our feelings inside of us...they won't go away until we bring them forward and accept them. Once we have owned our feelings, we can send them off, just relax into them or best yet, give them to God...because as I keep saying...we can't give away something that we don't yet own.


I appreciate your thoughts and read each and every one... thank you!