Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am thankful:

1. for warmer weather yesterday so that the boys were able to go play outside together.

2. for sunshine on my shoulders as I tidied up the front porch.

3. for the sound of wind chimes through my bedroom window.

4. for the sparkle of snow when the sunlight gleams on it.

5. for seeing the beauty of the full moon casting it's glow upon drifts of white.

6. for unexpected meals brought over from friends.

7. for warm hugs from my beloved just when I need them most.

8. and for his compliment of "you look nice" as I'm putting dinner on the table yesterday evening.

9. for the happy sounds of Marcus whistling while he plays.

10 for my dear loving friend, a cup of tea, and warm conversation.

11. that Jayden is such a willing little worker... eager to keep his room neat and organized.

12. that Allan says "I love you, too, Momma" to me so many times a day, whether I say it to him first, or not!

13. for the cuteness of his little boy talk... especially that he says, "Huh, Mom?", after almost everything he says to me.

14. And for this wonderful award, given to me by my sweet friend Rebekah. If you have never stopped by her blog, please do so! It is called Rebekah's Beautiful Day... and it's just that, BEAUTIFUL!

So, this award is called the Lemonade Award and it is for blogs which have great attitude and/or gratitude.

Thank you so much for this and I'll try my best to live up to it as much as possible! : )

I would like to pass on this award to some of my favorite blogs that have these qualities...

1. White Oak Lane
2. Momma Bug's Blog
3. A different Drum
4. Such Things
5. Useful or Beautiful

Be sure to pass these on to whomever you wish (up to 10 people) and let them know you've done so! Enjoy your day!


Heavenly Homemakers is hosting gratituesday and its the first time I've joined. If you want to read more, just check out their blog! : )


1000 gifts list #'s 81-95


  1. What a beautiful thank you list...I just made a photo of my wind chimes yesterday for a "My Favorite Things "page I am working on. It sure fills a heart with gratitude when we take time to notice the simple things in life, doesn't it. I really enjoy your blog, have a great day!! Leanne

  2. What a beautiful list...I so enjoyed it!! What a good reminder to constantly be filled with gratitude! Each little thing, every breath is a gift. How easily we forget that. Thanks, Katrina:)

  3. Great Gratituesday post! Your photos of your boys on the pondare beautiful! Where are you at that you have snow! We are getting masses of it but also with that the FREEZING COLD...
    I was thankful yesterday that my kids also got to head outside after school and play one last time before the BELOW ZERO temps are here for a few days!

  4. Enjoy your day!! :) I am so thankful for so many things as well. Today I am thankful for a rainy day - to sit inside, read my book with a cup of tea and not feel guilty about doing it!!! :) xoxo

  5. What a great list of things to be thankful for, and most of them would be easy to overlook! Thanks for sharing, and reminding me to not overlook the small things!

  6. Thank you for th award Katrina! You're too kind! What a beautiful list! I was revelling in the fresh snow and sunshine today too!

  7. Katrina, You list is really great! What an awesome idea!
    Thank you for the award! You are so sweet. I hope to post tomorrow :)

  8. What a beautiful post! It's the little things in life that really matter, little thoughts of love and devotion. Thanks for sharing with us. I pray that you continue to have a wonderful week full of His many blessings!

  9. A lovely post - I so enjoyed reading it!! Walking through life with a grateful heart truly makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Katrina, thank you so much for the award! I'm completely honoured!! I really, really loved your list of gratitude too!! You have a beautiful way of describing things.


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