Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter on the Pond

The weather was so much warmer today than it has been in a long time and so I took Jayden and Marcus down to the pond while DH stayed with napping Allan.

Here they are going out to check the ice.

After a few tentative steps Marcus joined Jayden in a game of "hockey" with a puck that they found. And when they were through with that, we all had a grand ol' time doing this!

Then they wanted to go see if they could find the Canada geese that are normally so crowded around here but nary a one was seen...

Marcus found this massive stick, though, and decided that that would be a great one to carry all the way home in order to "show Dad". Why is it, I wonder, that they need to find the biggest one?!

I'm not really asking... I know it's 'cause they're boys and that's what boys do! :o)


This has been my inspiration for this winter adventure. Have any of you read this?


  1. How neat to be able to play on a frozen pond like that!

    You have an award at my blog! :)

  2. Lol! I have a little girl who is always in search of the biggest stick she can possibly carry. Beautiful photos! I love the close ups! I think ponds work as well as creeks for winter fun ;o)!

  3. I would love to read this book you keep mentioning... This reminds me of playing on the ice when you were here. :)

  4. love it love it... being outdoors is what's best for boys!! I wish mine enjoyed it more. I'm so totally an outdoors'-type person - and I know that's when they're happiest when they're outdoors too :)
    gorgeous photos too...

  5. I am here via Kelli's blog. What a sweet place.
    Your pictures bring back memories of my own little boys playing in the snow. Those little boys have children of their own now. How quickly those years go by.
    The pictures are just precious.

  6. It looks like your boys had a blast!! Now as far as the stick goes, I don't ask either. :)

    I love the photos. You have such a gift in photography. Have a bless week!!

  7. thanks for ur words Katrina today on my blog! I have added u to my bloglines. hopefully it will work! sometimes bloglines has such problems. You have an awesome day!!! :)

  8. Your boys are so cute! It looks like you all had a great time, I sure do wish we would get some has just been raining and raining. Have a great day, Leanne

  9. Oh how fun! Yes, I understand about the sticks. I have one of those! Such precious memories and beautiful pictures. I love the pink cheeks. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a great week my friend!

  10. How fun!! I have not seen the book but it looks wonderful. I'm going to write it down and see if our library has it.


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