Friday, February 13, 2009

those moments in time

I look for him... and find him... in his crib,
yes, still in his crib of babyhood days, those days that are so fleeting.
I tip toe into room to ask what's wrong, and he raises his head, thumb still in mouth,
to say that nobody wanted to play with him.

I am surprised that he would feel a deep enough hurt
to want to go lay in his bed with the sheets and blankets of familiarity around him.
I gather him close and lift him out.
Here is my chance, for some time alone with this little one of my heart
while the others are off playing by themselves.

I lay down with him in toddler bed of older brother...pull covers up close.
We lay there facing each other and I gaze into his face of soft smooth skin,
searching within those deep blue eyes ringed in long lashes,
He looks deep into mine and rests his hand on my cheek... I wonder what he's thinking.
I watch the place under his chin that moves up and down while he sucks his thumb,
listening to the quiet sounds of him breathing.

Pressing my face into the warm curve of his neck, I breath deep.
The baby smell is gone from him... that sweet scent of soap and newborn...
it's hard to describe but what I have now is... little boy.

Growing up so fast each and everyday.
If only I could slow the time, if only I could go back to when he was new and cherish the moments again. But I know it's not possible, just wishful thinking and really
what I need is to live in the moment... to not look back or forward but to live right now.

We lay there like this for mere minutes in time and then he's ready to go again,
off to run and jump and play and to probably scream and fight and cry
but that's okay, it's all part of having these wonder- full boys who are so consumed with life.

I am just so glad I took the time to stop and to savor a precious moment in this beauty- full journey of motherhood.


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  1. So wise to take those moments when you get them. And those blue eyes - WOWee!

  2. Oh how they grow. So sweet. . .brings back lovely memories.

  3. oh I know those feelings! thanks for sharing them!

  4. I, too, cherish these fast they grow. So glad you took the time to linger, remember and make new memories:) Oh, that I would do that daily!

  5. Oh how beautiful...both the pictures & the words. Time is so fleeting. I wish I could hold onto it a little more tightly. Beautifully said my friend! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  6. ...this beauty-full journey of motherhood. How I love that line - it is so packed with truth. The whole post is just wonderful. Little man has such lovely blue eyes!

  7. Wonderful pictures. Your children will remember that you enjoyed motherhood. They will remember smiles and hugs and acceptance; the little things that end up being so big. Thank you for sharing this. You are always so beautiful to visit!

  8. Beautiful! So beautiful I had to read it over again! I love this one!

  9. It takes great wisdom and love to quietly enjoy those moments and store them up as treasured memories. I look at my grown sons, with children of their own and remember those sweet times.

  10. oh how I love snuggling with my Ben, my no-longer-baby, no-longer-toddler but still-little-boy... Such treasured little pockets of softness before he gets too self-conscious... And that little boy smell: hmmm...!! so delicious in its own right...! Boys... I love them... And I love how they love me!

  11. My little girl (6 years) is not a baby anymore. But she still likes to sit in my lap and cuddle under me every chance she gets. Sometimes I wish moments like those could last forever!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. I'm a mom to 4 boys so I know the sweetness!! They are all grown up now but I still love to hold them close. And the first thing they do when they come home is kiss their mom :)

  13. What a moment. :) You make it sound like it was the highlight of your day (probably was!)

  14. You expressed my heart...
    Beautiful words that bless...

    Thank you!


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