Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a bit of an update on my pregnancy so far.

On Tuesday i went in for a blood test to check my HCG levels and got a call back from my doctor on Wednesday who said they looked great. So that was very encouraging and so then on Monday (being yesterday) i went in again for the same test to see if the levels were increasing and they are! They're not doubling every few days like some of the sites i've read say they should but i know that that doesn't necessarily mean anything and that the Lord is in control, He has this child in His hands and I trust in Him...

...and so as long as i continue to feel well, i won't be going in for any more tests or ultrasounds or anything until my 13th week when hopefully the doctor will be able to hear the heartbeat!

I sincerely want to thank you all for your prayers of health and safety for the baby and peace for me. i am feeling very good and am getting excited about having a really healthy pregnancy.

Lots of fresh, cool, colorful smoothies and salads throughout the summer months! And lots of walking and relaxing out of doors.
I want to enjoy this pregnancy to the full and if being healthy keeps me energized and joyful then i'm gonna do my utmost to eat as best i can and to be as active as possible.

I am so deeply thankful for the chance to experience another pregnancy, all of the good and even the sometimes not-so-good aspects of it all....

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  1. great news! Glad things are looking good :)

    love you!

  2. Congratulations. Praise God!! :) Glad to "see" you again! You were missed. I haven't been blogging much either. Glad to see such great news from you!

  3. I'm still so excited for you. And praying the pregnancy continues to go well!

  4. Very exciting. Precious days...


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