Saturday, February 27, 2010

On Decorating for Spring...

Thinking about my living room, loving it, cleaning it, letting the sun shine through it and dreaming about decorating for Spring/Summer. Here are a few pictures that I found through google images that I am drawing my inspiration from. I love the red, yellow, green and turquoise colors in the rooms below.

We hope to get a new couch and love seat set in the near future and I think these colors of pillows would look great on a chocolate brown set. (maybe not the orange and yellow... still thinking on those...) I love my wall color so I won't change that, I would just love to brighten up the room with some cheery accents.

Images found here, here and here

Anyway, below is a shot of the amazing bookcase/fireplace/entertainment center that my wonderful carpenter husband built for our living room this past winter. I am so, so pleased with it. When the books are taken out, the shelves and wood behind are white to go with the center panel. It looks really great. I enjoy having my books out in the open (they were all put away in a cupboard before) and I like this warm look for fall and winter but for spring and summer, I would like to lighten it up by taking out a bunch of the book so that some of the white from behind can show through, and adding some simple vases or bowls in the accent colors I love... kinda like in the pictures above. Oh! and another great feature that I love is that the bookcases are both lit with little puck lights which shine down behind all my books. It looks so great, especially at night!

And here are some more shots of my home (including a different angle of my living room which shows the couch and chair)... if you're interested. I would love to brighten up my kitchen as well but don't like a cluttered look so I will continue to think on that a bit more... any suggestions?


  1. Wow! It's so lovely! I can't wait to come see it in person! I LOVE IT! You are a great decorater, I always love how you do it!

    I think some flowers in the kitchen would look nice...



  2. I just had to show this to my husband Katrina. I have a request in for some bookcases. I am in desperate need of more space for books!
    Your husband did a wonderful job. I like the idea of being able to put some decorations on the shelves too.
    You have a lovely, warm, inviting home.

  3. I just love that GREEN kitchen :O)


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