Monday, March 1, 2010

Treasured Moments

I captured this perfect moment, not planned or posed at all, of Jayden reading to his brothers in the late afternoon light of our bedroom.

He actually asked me this afternoon while I was busy preparing dinner if he should read another chapter in the book he's reading right now and I said, "Sure, go ahead."

And then I came across this precious scene and was thankful my camera was just steps away.

Among the many special moments that happened throughout this beautiful, quiet day, I absolutely treasure moments like these.


What was one of your favorite moments today?
Please share.


  1. Blessings to you!
    You're boys are precious and you've captured them in such a sweet moment.
    Favorite moment today was hearing my Granddaughter giggling and laughing as she ran away from me toward her bed at naptime.
    So glad Spring is just about here.

  2. I just love this picture of your boys :O)

    My favorite moment was when I got home from work my little girl was still taking her nap and she woke up and ran to the door (that I was about to walk through) and started smiling and clapping that I was home! It was a wonderful moment :O)

  3. Such blessings! Beautiful picture of your boys! Today, having youngest daughter jump rope while reciting her spelling words. One jump for each letter. Her choosing to start over when she made a mistake.

  4. What a sweet picture. :) I know it brings such joy to your heart! Oh, a favorite moment from today? Sitting outside, breathing the fresh air, jumping on the tramp with the kiddos, having a fun day doing school... such moments to treasure!

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful picture!! My treasured moments today were hearing my babys heart beat, and baby kept kicking where ever the midwife tried to hear his/her heartbeat. it was so cute! :)

  6. Brilliant moment - absolutely perfect - you must be extremely proud

  7. Just found and fell in love with your blog... refreshing and what beautiful pictures you have!

    Both of my girls sleep in the living room of our house because "their" room is just too cold. We have a toddler mattress stacked on a twin so that they have their own place to sleep, but are still together. It's a great arrangement except for the fact that there are no bars (haha). I woke up at 3am to find my 9 month had crawled into the kitchen in an attempt to find somebody who would change her diaper (I think) and was sitting on the floor in her sleep sack drifting in and out of continuousness. Little bugger... I picked her up and she just drifted to sleep in my arms, what a sweet moment (of coarse I still had to change her so it really only lasted a moment). It truly is the little things!!

  8. got here thru soulemama. this is so precious. i hope to see my kids in a similar "moment".


  9. Just letting you know I stopped by.
    My fav. moment is a little different then might be expected.
    I was sitting in the living room when I noticed a paper on the table beside me with writing from a beginner on it. I picked it up and read it aloud.

    MAM is MAd TodAy. (mom is mad today) its True.

    Derrek was beside me and he gives me a sad little smile. I ask him if he wrote it. Yes, he says.

    But I'm not mad at you, I protest.

    Yes, you were, he insists with tears spilling down his cheeks. I ask him what I was mad about. He says he doesn't remember, just that I was mad at him and it made him sad.

    AH, it touched my heart to see that it troubled him so, that I was angry. He really does so much want to please me. That made it a special moment when I took him in my arms and he was so willing to be comforted.

    Yeah, he still is my baby, though almost 7 1/2.


I appreciate your thoughts and read each and every one... thank you!