Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Newest Nephew

I was so thrilled to be able to take a few pictures of my newest nephew, Jem, while I was visiting family this past week.

He is almost 1 month and already 13 lbs... such adorable chubbiness!

He looks so amazingly like my own babies that I had many flashbacks while cuddling him and watching him and smelling his precious newborn skin. Just a couple months to go for my own little one! :)

I hope your happy with the way they turned out, Racheal!


  1. He most certainly DOES look just like your babies. When a brother and a nephew marry two sisters what can we expect, eh?

    What an adorable little guy!
    You take good baby pictures!

  2. Oops! you know what I mean, When a GUY and his nephew marry two sisters...

  3. Oooh, he is so super sweet! Congrats Racheal! Katrina these photos are excellent!

  4. they are lovely! I am so happy with how they look =)

  5. What a handsome blessing. I love the pictures with the green hat on!

  6. Oh Wow, the photos are awesome, and Jem is an adorable baby, he is making me broody!
    I am interested to know what the gorgeous fluffy thing he was lying on? Is its sheepskin?
    Love the hat too.

  7. argh, don't do this to me!!! I thought your little 'un had arrived!! Beautiful pics Katrina, I bet this latest arrival is making you impatient... :)


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