Monday, July 4, 2011

A Photo Shoot for Grad.

This past Canada Day I had the privilege of spending some special time with my sister and her 6 wonderful daughters, the oldest of which has just graduated high school. We went all around their farm and I had so much fun taking pictures of them (mostly her two oldest) in their pretty dresses.

Thanks, girls, for being willing to try different things, there's many more to show you... like, 95 shots all together... I know, I went a little overboard but you'll like them, I promise! :)

(Click on the photo's to view them large.)


  1. Such lovely ladies! I see it runs in the family :).

  2. Thank you so much! I love them. I hope to make a collage with my favorites. I especially love the ones you posted and the one where Janina is sitting against the white birch. Also, all the girls and me huddled together. I want to enlarge it and hang it in the hall. And....I KNEW!!! that the one of Brian and Janina would be spendid! Wow and thanks again.


    Who, for some reason cannot log into her google account so for now she is Anonymous. Also, she is having trouble commenting on your other blogs.

  3. Awesome blog, thanks for writing. keep it up

  4. Thank you so much Aunt Katrina for taking those pictures. i absolutely love the one of me on the gravel pile.

  5. Omg these pictures looks so nice and well taken!

  6. Looking at your amazing dressing, I can only say that they are just fabulous and mind blowing.

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