Saturday, May 31, 2008

My beautiful summer morning

I am so thankful for:

14. My clothes line in my backyard where I hang the laundry in the warm sunshine.

15. Clean sheets ,outdoor fresh, ready to be put on our bed.

16. Anticipation of the scent of clean sheets when I crawl into bed tonight.

17. Sunlight shining in through our bedroom window.

18. The sheer white curtains that came with this old house when we bought it... they add such a soft pretty touch to our room.

18. Our queen size mattress, soft yellow sheets and pretty bed set from "Quilts etc.". 19. Stacks of clean folded laundry ready to be tucked into closets and drawers.

Now that I am ALL DONE, my goal for next week is to go through our closets and organize all the clothes. I especially need to do my closet as I haven't gone through it since I lost 20lbs. and I am noticing that a lot of things I was planning on wearing this summer are WAY too big! Yeah!

So I went to the Salvation Army and Value Village and picked up a bunch of really nice, really low priced summer clothes that I am so thrilled with and now I need to figure out what to put away and what to get rid of.

(I am still praying for another baby so I won't get rid of all my bigger clothes just yet!)


I love getting pictures of the boys playing in the dandelions and pictures OF the dandelions. Here are a few of my favorites:

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