Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 7 & 8 Blessings

So, as you may have noticed I didn't get a chance to write out my list of thanksgiving for yesterday so here it is bright and early this morning:

Day 7 Blessings

1. Walking with my children out in the wind and sunshine.

2. That Jayden took the innitiative to send a card to his Oma all on his own.

3. That my boys love to look in books and will spend hours after we have come home from the library perusing them.

4. That my hubby took the evening off from working on the house so that we could spend a quiet evening together.

5. That he supports me in not watching T.V. but instead will read a book or listen to classical music
... so much more peaceful and wholesome than a blaring Television.

6. Classical Music. I want to bring more of it into my life. The beauty of it is so inspiring and I believe it is good for the children as well. Humble thanks to my sister and my homeschool facilitator for gently reminding me of this.

7. A fireplace that keeps us warm and cozy on windy evenings like the one we had yesterday.

So, I will post my list for today later on and hopefully I won't get too preoccupied with other things! :)

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