Saturday, November 29, 2008

Learning to "live out loud"

Something about this photo of Tasha Tudor just speaks to me.
I think it's because this is the way I want to be "when I grow up".

I don't want to just stop learning things as I get older.

I want to use everyday of this beautiful life given to me to learn new things and to "live out loud". When I saw this photo in a magazine that did a story on her, I immediately ripped it out for my homemaking journal. I didn't have to even think about whether I really loved it or not. I knew that it was perfect.

One of my goals is to learn to paint with watercolor. I especially want to learn how to do closeups of flowers.

I haven't read up on Tasha Tudor at all but I just think the pictures of her are so inspiring. Take a look here if your interested.

Click on the picture to read the quote about living out loud.


  1. Katrina, thanks for commenting on my blog, glad that you did! I too just started a homemaking journal and am loving the process of saving beautiful pictures that inspire me. Such fun! Please come by anytime...

  2. Hi, Katrina...

    I love this post! We are big fans of Tasha Tudor here. (I've posted about her quite a few times:)

    I love the idea of your journal, too! I don't have time to start one right now, but I'm tucking the idea away for later.

    I am enjoying reading through your blog!

  3. You must visit a friend of mine who captures amazing macromoments in nature.

    I enjoyed this post and agree completely.


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