Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quiet Days, Stormy Nights... Updated in Comments.

Sorry about another really long post... please bare with me... I'll get this all figured out eventually! : )

So, this is what's been happening this week as a result of this post from last Monday. I'm having a hard time with only being on the computer in the evening. Sometimes I want to post things in the morning, (like yesterday morning or this morning when I took these pictures of the snow from last night) and it's too tough for me to wait 'till evening to type it out and post it. So I'm gonna change things around a bit.

I'm gonna post things through out the day when I get the urge and save my blog visiting and such for the evenings. This may 'cause me to be on the computer more than I had originally said but then at least I'm not trying to blog and visit your blogs all at the same time. The thing that is really working for me is the fact that I am not reading other blogs through out the day... that was just taking up way too much time and is very addicting because I'm sure you all know how,if you let yourself, you can just keep clicking and clicking for hours!

Now about these pictures... aren't they great? I just love freshly fallen snow! Just look at what we found when we opened our front door this morning... and the wreath!... isn't it pretty?We had a crazy windy snow storm last night with fierce winds from the north. The noise kept me half awake all night it seemed. Probably because of the wind chimes and the gazebo almost blowing away right outside our bedroom window! Anyway, enough about that.

There is another thing I've been wondering though and that is, "how many of you go back later to the blog that you commented on in order to see if the blog author has responded to your comment?" I'm just wondering if there is even a point to responding to my comments on my own blog if they never get read again? I know I have done this a few times to blogs were the author does this but I wonder how many of you do it, too? I'm thinking of maybe starting this on my own blog and doing it for every post that I get comments on. What do you think?

Oh, and I also posted a "Moment" over on my other blog, "of books,blocks n' boys".


  1. I'm experimenting over here too. Not sure how things will settle out for me. I don't usually go back to a blog specifically to see a poster's response, but sometimes the next time I visit their blog I will remember something I shared in the last comment section and quickly click in to see if they responded to me there.

    I question how to respond to readers as well. Whenever possible I try to just hit reply to their email notification in my inbox and send them a quick personal email, but that only works for people who have an email address listed in their profile.

    Otherwise, I guess I feel proper blog etiquette (if there is such a thing) is to pop over to "their" place and leave them a comment if I feel they are expecting one, even though it would be so much easier to just do a one post reply shebang at the end of the day on my own blog. I also try to answer generic questions within a post's comments for other readers who may have the same question, so it's like I reply here and there, if you get my drift. I usually just copy the text from my post comment and then past it into the other bloggers newest comment section.

    Like I said, this is only for those who don't have accessible email addresses in their profile (which makes life so much easier!).

    Keep us posted on what's workin' for ya.

  2. oh and I meant to say that the pictures are GORGEOUS. I hope that snow keeps heading east, cause right now all we have is a whole lotta COLD. =D

  3. I agree reading blogs can get addicting, you read through and then you find a link to more interesting content(such as the followers of your blog widget you have on here) and it can go on forever LMAO, but I curbed that & set a time and a limit to how long to browse.

    I check comments periodically on blogs I comment on for authors response, I usually check off and on for a week then move on.

    I wish I had the same snow you have over here!

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  4. Luckily I don't get too many comments, so don't get bogged down! One wants to be well mannered of course, and sometimes a comment takes me by surprise when it appears a few days after the posting went up so I might be missing some. If I ask a direct question (which I try not to do too often) I might check back, but I don't really expect a response, so I'm just happy to see what turns up.

    As for when to post, go with the flow is what I say, especially if there are gorgeous picture opportunities. One thing I've decided is to follow that old adage, 'never apologise, never explain'. I can see some people feel really pressurised to blog every day for their readers for example, and then feel bad about missing some days. It's got to be fun or therapeutic and not a new burden. Anyway. Lucky you - snow! Hope you are all well. Rhetorical question - no obligation to answer that one!

  5. I agree with Prairie Chick.
    I'm still new to blogging and have been thinking on what would be proper in responding to posts myself. When ever I really want to see if the blogger answers a question in a post, I click on "Email follow-up comments to" if it is there or (subscribe by email).

    Funny that you too are thinking of a good balance of how much time is to spent on looking around. It is easy to get caught up in blog after blog. There are so many great ones out there :)

  6. Your snow storm looks gorgeous! I cannot wait until we get a nice storm here in ne PA :)

  7. people are different...
    but personally, i like to go back to the comments section of the specific post i commented on (when i remember...) to see if the author has left a response. i also tend to try and respond to the comments on my own blog, rather than respond to comments on the blogs of whoever has commented. phew that was a mouthful!!! (sorry - hope it made some kinda sense)
    so i think it's a nice thing to do for your readers, but i have a feeling that sometimes people might respond on their own blogs to bulk up the number of comments and make it look like they're 'popular' - and i'm wary of that, as i want my motives to be pure. maybe a bulk reply is best; that's what i tend to do. i know tonia (at study in brown) does the same, and a few others too :)
    but i think most importantly, that you must feel absolutely free to be yourself on here, as you are 'blogging without obligation'. you're not blogging to please others, but God first and foremost, and then yourself. when it becomes a worry or a duty, then you've gotta rethink it somewhat...!!

    ooops - looks like i wrote a whole paper on that :$

    BTW, I loooove your snowy pics; i am so jealous!! where are you in the States? are you quite far up north? in the UK we get very little snow - and when we do, it is a National Event, which brings the country to a standstill, even though the most we get is usually no more than about 1 1/2 inches or 2 at most!!

    pathetic, i know...

    stay well and be peaceful, dear lady
    looks to me like you're doing a GREAT job :o)

  8. Hello!

    Your snow looks so nice and cozy! We haven't had our first big snow here in Kansas yet this year. Right now I'm thankful because I have to drive a ways to get to work from my little town. I'm hoping for a WHITE CHRISTMAS though! Wishing you well on your computer time adjustments!

    PS Thanks for the comment you left on my page!

  9. So I decided to do a bulk comment to say thank you to all who stopped by and took the time to leave their thoughts and suggestions.

    Prairie Chick: I totally hear you about the email thing... it's so much easier. But does a person have to have their email showing on their profile in order to have it show in their comment? I'm just wondering if my email shows in your inbox when I comment on your blog. I know you have my email so you can let me know that way... Thanks!

    Lucille: I know I don't have to apologize but I do want to do what works. My readers mean a lot to me and I like to know that they enjoy the way I'm doing things. Not that I have to answer to you all but it just fun to interact this way. A good way to never miss comments on your blog is to have them email to your inbox as they arrive.

    Jeanette: Thanks for the advice... I'll try to remember that next time I see that option. :)

    Mrs. Wibbs: It's always so fun to read your comments and yes, this one made sense! : ) Yes, I need to remember to "blog without obligation" but honestly, right now, it's just so fun... I could probably do 2 or 3 posts a day! But I'll try not to!

    (grin) And just so you know I'm not commenting here to make it look like I have lots of readers... (grin)

    Oh yah, and I'm not in the States... I'm in Canada... it's very, very cold here right now. : )

  10. Brrrr...

    We have lots of snow here too - and it's -20 celcius here today. Yikes, I can't wait for this to pass!

    Thanks for stopping by. I love to meet fellow Queens To Their 3 Boys!

  11. I'm so glad you posted an update to your post from last week. I've been wondering how it's been going for you:)

    As for responding to comments...I do read some people's comment boxes. I think you figure out who responds to comments and who doesn't. I try to respond to comments other leave me, but for some posts, the comments don't really need a response. I'm trying to get it all figured out, too!

    Hope you're enjoying your day!!

    Oh! I LOVE the beautiful card you made yesterday!!!

  12. Katrina, What I think people don't realize is that it is -34 degrees out right now and with the wind chill -44. If they knew that, do you think that they would be wishing for the same?
    It is outright dangerous out there.
    Stay warm, Tracy

  13. Your post is something I have been pondering over - how to balance having a blog with making sure it doesn't interfere with "normal" life. It is just so easy (as you say) to go from blog to blog, and suddenly it has sapped all the time you had allotted for something else. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has been thinking about this. Thanks for posting your thoughts - it has been a blessing to read.

  14. ooops; Canada...!! My apologies ;o)
    in that case, snow makes perfect sense, and i'm a little less jealous, knowing you are probably much, MUCH colder than we are over here. ALthough i would still trade our miserable, grey, soggy winters for icy crisp, and snowy winters anyday!!

  15. Is there a book Blogging for Dummies? I need it if there is because I am really not sure on blogging etiquette either. I always try to respond to reader questions, but am never sure if I am supposed to do that in my comment section or theirs.

    Regardless, I find blogging very therapeutic. I just hope I'm always gracious and never offend my three readers :-).


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